Identifying A Better Approach

When a family dispute requires legal intervention, you need an advocate to protect your rights and your family’s best interests. At Bleczinski Kleiman & Klein, LLC we will help you find an approach that resolves your issue and allows you to move forward.

Serving families in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Helping Families Through Difficult Times

Since 2004, families and individuals throughout the Philadelphia metro area have turned to our attorneys for steady guidance during an emotionally exhausting time. When a family law conflict threatens your well-being, you need solutions tailored to your specific situation, not a one-size-fits-all approach.  

We understand that every family is unique. Each child has different needs. Each spouse will face challenges. For some families, there comes a time when things must change. At Bleczinski Kleiman & Klein, LLC, we focus on your distinct needs, identifying solutions that work for you.


Guiding you through the process

Child Custody

Defending your parenting rights

Child Support

Advocating for your child’s best interests

Alimony And Spousal Support

Securing your financial future

Property Settlements

Safeguarding the things that matter


Helping you expand your family

Offering Comprehensive Family Legal Services

Located in King of Prussia, our firm is equipped to handle a host of family law issues related to financial security, legal rights and the best interests of children. At every stage, we will tailor our approach to your unique needs, devising lasting solutions that work for you and your family.

With our extensive experience, we know that the best outcome in any case is one that meets the needs of all parties, including the children. When necessary, our legal team will work alongside other professionals to support your case.

Exploring All Options To Find The Better Approach

Our attorneys focus on achieving a swift, cost-effective resolution of your case. We know that divorce and family law disputes can become complicated and will affect your relationships into the future. While traditional legal strategies may involve one side “winning” and another “losing,” we believe that there is a better approach.

We encourage amicable resolutions whenever possible. We are avid supporters of collaborative family law and mediation, by which spouses resolve their disputes without resorting to litigation. However, we know how to present your case in court when necessary. In some instances, fighting for your interests in a Pennsylvania courtroom may be your best option. Our experienced trial lawyers will aggressively present your case in court.