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Property Settlements & Equitable Distribution
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Property Division During Divorce

When making the decision to divorce, you may be concerned about your financial security, your family home, and the division of your savings or assets. Whether you have a large marital estate or you have significant debt, it is important to protect your financial interests at the time of divorce. At Bleczinski Kleiman & Klein, LLC, we know how to help our clients identify and pursue their financial investments and interests after divorce. You can trust that we will remain attentive to your needs and focused on your rights during the property settlement process.

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Protecting Your Rights During
Property Settlement

Our attorneys have experience with the division of complex marital assets. We will take a comprehensive approach to ensure the accurate valuation of your property, including savings, investments, pensions and real estate. If you and your spouse own a family business, a diverse financial portfolio or real estate, the division of property can be complex. We will take the time to identify your individual concerns and devise an appropriate legal strategy to protect your assets. Our priority is to protect your financial interests whether through mediation, alternative dispute resolution, or in court.

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We Have Experience with The Equitable Distribution of Property, Including:

  • Real estate

  • Investment and savings accounts

  • Pensions

  • Retirement plans

  • Military pensions

  • Stock options and bonds

  • Business interests and investments

  • Family-owned businesses

  • Qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) preparations

  • Executive compensation packages

  • Employment benefits

Expert Resources and Sophisticated Advocacy for Our Clients

We think court should be a last resort in many divorce and family law cases. Our attorneys understand the complexities of property division and routinely collaborate with financial experts including appraisers, real estate experts and accountants. When necessary, we know how to identify and locate hidden assets and income. Our attorneys know how difficult the divorce process can be. It is our priority to protect your family’s security and prevent economic hardship after divorce.

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