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Arbitration Attorneys in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

When Is Arbitration the Best Option?

Costs Of Arbitration

Arbitrator’s fees are typically charged on an hourly basis. Each arbitrator establishes his or her own procedures which usually involve at least one conference and one hearing. Arbitrators’ schedules tend to be more accessible than the local courts so the family can move to resolution more quickly and, in some cases, with less cost than through traditional litigation. However, there is usually no appellate review available to the participants so an arbitrator’s decision, while usually binding, is final.

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Your Attorney’s Role In Arbitration

Your attorney is very involved in the arbitration process. He or she will prepare any material required by the arbitrator or used to present the case and will attend all meetings and hearings scheduled for the arbitration case.

There are three options in addition to arbitration, including local county courts, mediation, and collaborative family law. Whichever option you choose, the attorneys at Bleczinski Kleiman & Klein, LLC are here to assist you.

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