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Beyond the other legal aspects of marriage, spouses can enter into additional agreements intended to protect their rights and future interests. A premarital contract allows both future spouses to commit to such issues as property division, alimony and other financial matters in the event that the relationship was to end. A marital agreement is a similar contract between spouses made during the marriage or at the time of separation. At Bleczinski Kleiman & Klein, LLC, we have experience drafting, modifying and handling disputes involving prenuptial and marital agreements.

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Marital Agreements and Your Rights

Marital agreements are important tools to protect the assets, interests and rights of both parties before, during and after marriage. Whether you are considering a prenup, have been asked to sign one, or need a marital contract at the time of separation, an attorney can protect your rights. If you have been asked to sign a contract, it is important that you consult with an attorney who can clearly explain your rights and obligations.

Our firm can explain your options for agreements involving:

  • Financial obligations at the dissolution

  • Property settlement agreements

  • Cohabitation agreements

  • Nuptial agreements (for parties who do not intend to divorce)

  • Postnuptial contracts

  • Protection of assets and real estate

  • Protection of businesses

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Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

While many couples are reluctant to enter prenuptial agreements because they may seem unromantic, they serve a very important purpose in protecting the rights of both parties. A prenuptial agreement may be especially important if you have significant assets, children from a prior relationship, or are entering into a second or third marriage. However, all couples will benefit from the trust generated by openly discussing financial obligations should a relationship ever end.

Marital Agreements in Dispute?
We Can Help

Whether you are facing divorce or considering marrying again, our attorneys will take the time to assess your individual needs and unique objectives. We will inform you of your rights and options while helping you decide the best course of action.

For more information or to discuss the details of your case with an experienced family lawyer, please call our offices in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, or contact us by email.