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Jobs with The Highest Divorce Rate

Bleczinski Kleiman & Klein, LLC Jan. 7, 2021

Most couples in Pennsylvania are at least vaguely familiar with the high divorce rates in America. But many of them may be surprised to know that the work they do for a living may play a significant role in whether their marriage stands the test of time. The following occupations are linked with higher divorce rates than other careers.


It may not surprise some people that marriage ends in divorce for bartenders more than 50% of the time. Late nights, a bit of drinking, and constant interaction with lots of people may not spell the perfect recipe for a successful marriage. Bartenders also spend much time listening to the problems of their patrons. This habit facilitates the emotional connections that can lead to affairs.

Flight Attendants

The idea of working a job that requires global travel may seem like a dream. But marriages for flight attendants also end in divorce more than half the time. Flight attendants spend less time with their spouses than other married people and more time around coworkers. When you factor in the opportunity to meet new and exciting people in exotic locations, it becomes easy to see why a career as a flight attendant can become a problem for marriage.

Gaming Services Operators

Understandably, any profession that requires regular time at the casino cannot be a good thing for a marriage. And 50.7% of marriages to the people that operate games at the casino end in divorce.

Gaming Managers

Gaming managers at casinos do no better at marriage than the workers who operate the game. The divorce rate for gaming managers is a bit higher at 50.9%. This statistic reinforces the thought that regular consumption of alcohol and time spent in party-like atmospheres do not support a healthy marriage.


The high divorce rate for telemarketers is likely a sign of the high stress involved with the job. Telemarketers spend a large part of their days on the phone with people who act negatively toward them. They must then go home and show their best face to spouses and other family members. Unfortunately, for telemarketers and their spouses, work often spills over into life at home.

Most people possess dreams of spending a lifetime with their spouse when they say their marriage vows. However, a happy ending is not in the cards for many marriages. It may help individuals faced with divorce to speak to a divorce attorney.